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Traditional Indian embroidery

$ 289.00

Traditional Indian embroidery

Folk embroidery has always been a form of self expression for Indian women, it mirrors theirs lives, reflects their hidden desires and aspirations. Wear this shawl and share a secret with them...Each of these one-of-a-kind shawls was chosen for you. It is truly unique and no one else will have one like it!. There is only one of each shawl, so act today or it may not be yours!

Material: 100% Viscose Georgette embroidery done with wool thread and sequences

Size: 82 cm X 2 m (32.5 in X 79 in)

How to wear it: As a stole, as a scarf or with a belt as a beautiful top over a tank top, or even as a sarong with a belt on your hips. There are many creative ways you can wear this piece, send us photos of your own special idea!

It's perfect for man and women

How to clean - dry clean only

type: scarves by: FTWWL
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