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From The World With Love

Above all From The World With Love nurtures the soul. Selectively curated collections transcend memories of heritage and tradition into meaningful pieces that pair beautifully with the items you already have in your closet.

From the World with Love cherishes the artisan craftsmanship that remains a vital part of native culture. This collection of timeless and effortless pieces tells a deeply personal story that can only be read by you. From the World with Love believes that shopping is an intimate experience that leads to a deeper understanding of style.

The “savoir faire” mind-set is at forefront of every new acquisition. The Nomadic Collection is a praise for detailed craftsmanship and luxurious silks. Ethically sourced embroideries and fabrics allow From the World with Love to design guilt-free pieces that have a timeless value.  

Nothing is concealed from the customer. By focusing on sustainable and ethically produced fashion, you are fully-informed about how, where and who created the items you purchase. This innovative business model, eliminates the barrier between producers and consumers. From the World with Love has revealed the true meaning of style; a meaning crafted from the cultural traditions and global heritage.

Yael Guetta, Founder of From the World with Love, sees fashion as more than a just what’s trending. She believes fashion is personal; it’s unique to your body, it changes as you move from one place to the next, and it excludes no one. Yael is known for fine-tuning personal style. As a TV host, Creative Director and celebrity personal stylist she has a knack for making others look and feel their best.

Upon studying biology in college and attending fashion school in Paris,Yael developed From The World With Love. In 2011 as a personal project to bring fashion and cultural traditions together. Her original mission has remained: to create a highly curated selection of fair-trade vintage and handcrafted pieces that tells story and has a soul.

From the World with Love doesn’t focus on mass-produced products that sell out quickly. The goal is for customers to leave feeling like they’ve revealed a new part of their cultural identity. Providing aid in the global-community is equality important. Feel good about your purchase knowing that Share the Love designates a percentage of each item to be donated to one of the supported non-profits featured.


I have always been in love with handbags. There is this one specific bag of mine…I’ve toted it around for years. It’s been by my side (literally) through thick and thin. After a while, my purse was looking tired and worn. I contemplated whether or not we should part.

 While hosting a French show called “How to Customize Your Wardrobe” I decided to revamp my favorite Dolce & Gabbana bag. With a few small changes it was looking even better than the day I bought it.

I still carry that purse with me, day in and day out. It’s a part of my personal style that can never be replaced. 


                                                                   Yael Guetta



……Depuis toujours j'adore les sacs , comme d'autres de mes copine se damneraient pour une paire de chaussures.

Moi J'ai un sac , mon chouchou qui m'accompagne dans toutes mes vadrouilles Ftwwl.com .Il à tellement voyagé à mon bras qu'il est maintenant un peut fatigué. 

Alors comme j'ai animé il y a quelque année pendant trois saisons sur une télé française une émission ''Comment customiser sa garde robe '' au studio j'ai cherché dans  tous mes trésors pour lui refaire une beauté.

 ....Et voilà  j'ai relooké mon sac Dolce & Gabbana ,il est devenu encore plus tendance et toujours aussi pratique pour m'accompagner.


                                                                   Yael Guetta




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