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Red Yellow necklace cross

$ 249.00

Yellow necklace cross  

What do you get when you combine the trade work of Ethiopian jewelers, with handmade beads from Mali, and painted coral from Seychelles Island?—a From the World with Love exclusive, found only in the Nomadic collection at ftwwl.com! Each time you put this necklace on you will discover a new element within its design. This heavy-duty hardware is guaranteed to be durable. Made from copper and nickel found naturally in Ethiopia’s countryside, the cross is symbolic for strength and empowerment. The multicolored beads and painted coral capture the light’s energy, making you radiate positivity and confidence. This necklace represent togetherness of the world’s people and our ability create beautiful works of art by collaborating on pieces like those featured in FTWWL’s Nomadic collection


type: accessories by: FTWWL
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