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Pink/Red Cross Stitch Dresses

$ 599.00

Pink/Red Cross Stitch Dresses 
  •  Pink/Red handmade dresses from Chalchihuitan Mexico featuring unique embroidery
  • 100% cotton
  • Size -Will fit to size  S/M
  • I had an image of these amazing dresses in my mind from a picture I’d once seen in a book and had to travel far away to the village of Chalchihuitan to source them.  The dresses are each unique since they are handmade by different women who each put their personal touch whilst remaining in the traditional local style.
  • The cross stitch on these dresses is influenced by a nearby village called El Bosque and notably feature an embroidered ‘dogs paw’ design as almost a solid block of color,   The amount of time taken to create thee exquisite pieces is really a marvel and whats more they can really translate into a modern globetrotters wardrobe.  All thats needed is a cool pair of summer sandals and you’re set to go!
  • check FTWWL-Blog for more information.
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