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Black floral embroidered skirt from Zinacantan Mexico

$ 175.00

Black floral embroidered skirt from Zinacantan Mexico

  • 100% hand woven black cotton long black wrap skirt
  • Features bright floral embroidery in Zinacantan style
  • Size : will fit S/M/L
  • Length : 91cm/35"82inch      Width : 188cm/70"86inch
  • This exquisite wrap skirt needs to be held with a belt in the traditional style of the Zinacantan women.  Zinacatecan textiles are noted for their colorful embroidery in flamboyant reds, pinks, purples, and blues.  Every household in the town is expected to have new clothes for their main festivals; Saint-Sebastien in January and San Lorenzo in August.  Wives make a new shirt for their husbands, a new carring cloth for their babies and a blouse, shawl and skirt for themselves.

You don’t have to wait however until a festival, buy one today.  With a white shirt or black t-shirt and your favourite belt for a unique and stylish look.

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