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Red, blue,green, purple Ethiopian handwoven cushion

$ 199.00

Hand embroidered 100% cotton cushions

  • Red, green, blue or purple traditional designs
  • 100% hand woven cotton
  • 45cm/17''71in   X   45cm/17''71in

At Entoto Beth Artisans in Ethiopia ,I met an inspiring woman named Bikke, who truly has magic in her hands.  Bikke was hand embroidering such beautiful designs that I knew I had to buy them.  The proceeds from the sale would go to help Bikke and her family and towards fighting leprosy.  Bring some sunshine to your home and to the lives of amazing people like Bikke with these marvellous, handmade cushions.  Choose from Red, Green, Purple or blue.Red, blue,green,

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