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Love Seat

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Jean Luc Connan + FTWWL

Inspiration from around the world comes to life in a multitude of mediums: clothing, jewelry, accessories and furniture (that’s right, furniture!).  As part of our mission to bring the beauties of art and fashion from places near and far, FTWWL supports the work of Jean Luc Connan.

Connan’s use of fabric, embroidery and bold accessories like pompom tassels, are at the foundation of his uniquely designed home décor collection. Jean Luc is a master at infusing culture and comfort into every piece of furniture he designs. This love seat says it all.Fabrics from Lake Titicaca, Peru are paired with cloth from Uzbekistan, where cultural diversity is plentiful. The chair’s arms and backrest mark crossroads in the world. Like a map, the embroidered cushions tell a story of rituals, scarifies, gods and goddesses. Hidden within the designs are several Tumi axes, which are symbolic for good luck among Peruvians. The large tassels hanging from each end symbolize the Uru women living in Peru , who decorated their hair with pom pom and beads.

Animal printed fabric trails along the edges of the chair, like a winding road through the hills and valleys of China’s landscape. Silk meets cotton and embroidery creates sacred designs. This love seat is both intimate and revealing. Big enough to house two souls, united in love, with honor for one another and the gifts that the world has to offer.

Have you ever sat in a chair covered with Swarovski crystals? Take a moment to enjoy the little things. The wooden frame is accented with crystals that will sparkle in the sunlight

Connan’s love seat is a one-of-a-kind piece that was created with love. By bringing the wonders of the world together in his Paris studio, Connan has discovered the key to beauty, peace and everlasting love. Interested buyers please contact: fromtheworldwithlove@gmail.com.

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