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Limited Edition Embroidered Dress

$ 399.00

Limited Edition Embroidered Dress

Silk/Cotton from Italy

  • Hand-sewn embroidery made by Chiapas Artisans from Mexico
  • Traditional Mayan embroidery coupled with high-quality fabrics from Italy and Paris
  • Comfortable, breathable and easy to wear.
  • One  size will fit to XS, S, M, L, 

Discover what inspired Yael Guetta’s Nomadic Collection. From the World with Love transforms raw materials into wearable art. Influenced by Yael’s Parisian sense of style and Mexico’s traditional embroidery, the Nomadic Collection is a blend of fashion and heritage. Original designs and luxurious fabrics merge into what Yael describes as “eminent and irresistible fashion with a purpose”.

The Chiapas women have a deeply personal and symbolic connection to each dress they make. The embroidery used in the Nomadic Collection is the product of skilled artisans and regional traditions. In her Paris studio Yael pairs the hand-selected embroidery with the finest Italian silks.

From the World with Love believes in honoring traditions of the Chiapas villages. By working hand-in-hand with these artisanal women, Yael is helping to preserve this sacred art. The Nomadic Collection symbolizes her personal relationship to fashion, culture and all things made from the world with love.

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