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Black woolen Blanket/shawl &Pink pompom tassels

$ 495.00

Black woolen Blanket/shawl from the village of Tenejapa

  • 100% wool shawl with contrasting, colorful hand-embroidery and Pink pompom tassels
  • Size - 146cm x 57cm
  • As I was walking around the centre of Tenejapa village i quickly noticed that all the women were wearing these gorgeous black Blanket/shawls, each design was slightly different making each piece unique but creating a striking visual effect when all the women gathered together.  I just had to get some for FTWWL!
  • These Blanket/shawls are a perfect cover-up to keep you warm.  You can carry it in your bag and slip it on when it gets cold. It looks great with jeans or with a black pant for a more elegant silhouette.
  • In the Blog-  http://fromtheworldwithlove.com/blog/?p=1743
type: cape by: FTWWL
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